5 Amazing Finger-licking Chicken Recipes

I will be honest, cooking is not easy; and cooking chicken is on a totally different level. Not only you have to ensure that the vegetables are sautéed and cooked properly, you have to ensure that you do not end up over cooking or under cooking the chicken as well. Thus, to help you get […]

An Honest Freelance Writer Talking About Everyday Jobs

  I have been a freelance writer for multiple websites. That’s not to say that I have been writing for long… I have been writing for about six months now and as a freelancer is hard to get a stable job that would last more than a couple of months. Becoming one is not really […]

Why Reddit (and Aggregate Sites Like it) is Great

If you like reading weird things on the internet (and since you’re on robek.world odds are you’re into that kind of shit) then you’ve been to reddit. And reddit is great, it’s one of the only sites where anyone can come and discuss anything topic they want. The only problem with reddit is that fucking […]